Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Planning a Fancy Nancy Tea Party

My daughter and I are huge Fancy Nancy fans and when I was asked to blog about tips for hosting a Fancy Nancy Tea Party I jumped at the chance! If you want to learn more about how I was asked to write this post, you may read about that here.

To plan a party you must start with a theme. I chose Afternoon Tea Time as our Fancy Nancy Tea Party theme.

Invitations are fun to make. Be sure to include the date, time, place and a phone number to rsvp at. In your Fancy Nancy Tea Party invitations be sure to include any special dress that is needed for the event. Flowered hats, shiny high heels, girly dresses and even big purses are fun! As a host, I always pull out my extra dress up items so that everyone may dress up too.

Our party decorations would be pink, pink and more pink! I would purchase the Fancy Nancy party supplies and have a pink table cloth along with my dainty tea cups.

We would begin our tea party with a reading of "Fancy Nancy Tea Parties" by Jane O'Conner. This would help in getting the guest excited about the upcomming fun. These books are great for getting little ones excited about reading also.

For activities I would chose to make the edible jewelry. This craft is both simple and tasty. You use shoe-string licorice as chains and string candies with holes in them on the licorice to make bracelets and necklaces. Your guests can wear and eat this project! This would be a fun treat for all of the party goers.

A tea party isn't complete with out snacks! We would chose to prepare Nancy’s Extra Fancy Lemonade for our guest. It's easy to make and little girls love it! It's a can of pink lemonade, cranberry juice to make it hot pink, raspberries (two per glass of lemonade), and you serve it in teacups. The little ones love it and it's so fancy!

We would also serve sandwich shapes. Square sandwiches are so boring! You can use cookie cutters to make plain sandwiches into fancy shapes like hearts, moons or stars. I would offer several different varities of sandwiches, like cheese, ham and cheese, turkey and cheese or even peanut butter and jelly.

We would end our party with a fun reading of "Fancy Nancy Poet Extradordinaire". We would ask each guest to come up with a fun little rhyme or share one that they already know if they wanted to. Reading and rhyming is fun.

Fancy Nancy Poetry Party Ideas
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