Friday, August 27, 2010

10 tips for planning a unique baby shower

Tiny Prints and TwitterMoms have teamed up for a fun new blogging program! They have asked me to share 10 tips for planning a unique baby shower. You may read more about that request here.

A new baby is always exciting for both the new parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and others who are close to the new mom and dad. I feel that a baby shower is a great way to show the new parents your love and support and it's a great way to welcome the new baby into the world.

Baby shower's are fun to plan and attend. I like to make them fun by:

1. Choosing a theme: Themes are fun and can help guest choose a gift for the new little one. I like to base a shower theme on the gender of the baby and on the decorations of the newborn's nursery.

2. Invitations: Choose an invitation that revolves around your shower theme. This is a great way to let the guest know the theme of the baby shower. Tiny Prints is a great place to find invitations online.

3. Snacks: Light party snacks are a must! We all know that the mom to be is eating for two so we must let her induldge just a little.

4. Cake: All baby showers need a cake! This is a fun way to reveal a boy/girl to the guest. You can color the cake pink or blue and ice it any way that you want to. When the cake is cut it will reveal the gender of the baby to the guest.

5. Games: Games are my favorite part of the baby shower. You can find some really great baby shower games online. My favorite baby shower game is the poop game! Upon guest arrival, you pin everyone with a little felt diaper. Towards the end of the party you ask the guest "who has the poopy diaper?" It's fun to watch everyones expressions as they see if they have the poop or not.

6. Prizes: Prizes are fun too! I like to give the game winners 2 prizes. They get to keep 1 and they give the other baby related prize to the mom to be. This is a bonus gift to the new mom from the host.

7. Pictures: I like to take lots of pictures at the baby shower. It's a great way to start a memory book for the new child. They can later see their mom with the guest and know that the party was for them before they were even born.

8. Party Favors: All parties need favors! I like to make party favors that relate to the gender of the new baby. These can be fun and inexpensive.

9. Thank you notes: Be sure and send the host and guest a thank you note!

10. Put your feet up and relax: Parties are supposed to be fun. Yes they are a lot of work and planning too but remember to put your feet up and enjoy the party also.

What are your tips for planning a unique baby shower?

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