Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10 Ways To Have Fun Daily With Your Children

The Hub and TwitterMoms have teamed together and asked twittermoms to share 10 ideas that help incorporate fun and play into our child’s daily activities. You may read more about that request here.

This post comes naturally to me because I am an at home mom and my number one rule is to have fun! I believe that by making our daily routine fun, that it helps the children to know what to expect and our day will run smoother.

I like to have fun with my children by:

1. Make homework and learning fun! We sing little songs to help us learn our spelling words. The tunes are catchy and it helps make the spelling easier for them. I find that if we make homework fun, the children will fuss less and endure the work better.

2. Car rides can be fun too! We like to have learning challenges in the car when we drive. I ask them to work a math problem that I give them and sometimes we will spell their spelling words for the week also. This game is not only fun but it helps to pass time nicely also.

3. Snack time can be both fun and educational! Yesterday I let my children create their own snack. I gave them a tortilla, peanut butter, banana and strawberry jelly. The snack was nutrious and they had a blast creating their own masterpiece! They ate every bite without a single complaint. Plus they had fun!

4. Dinner time can be fun also! I like for my children to help me prepare our dinner and menu. Last night we had meatball subs, salad, tomatoes, baby carrots and ranch salad dressing. My children helped by arranging our veggies on our plates. They will eat their veggies better if they help create the dish that they are in. This dinner time fun allows them to be creative and helpful at the same time.

5. Bed time fun! My children always look forward to their bath time. They know that if they get an early bath then they can have bubbles during the bath and television before bed. That's a real treat because they both have tvs in their rooms and can watch any cartoon channel that they want to.

6. Reading is fun! My son will read his library book at least 3 times a week for school. His favorite time to read is right before his lights go out for the night. My daughter is 6 years old and she is learning how to read. We love to read a bed time story before her lights go out. Reading before bed is a fun way to unwind and to settle in for the night.

7. Good mornings can be fun! I like to wake my children up with a big hug and a quick snuggle. This is our little special time together and we all enjoy it. A little love and a lot of fun can help jump start the day the right way.

8. Choosing our school clothes is way fun! My children like to express their individual personalities in the clothes that they wear. At night we go through their drawers and closets and pick out their outfits for the next day.

9. Exercise is fun!! My kids love to exercise and to get involved in after school sports. My son is currently playing football and he will start baseball in the spring. I love that sports teach our children that exercise is fun and rewarding.

10. Going to school can be fun too! Both of my children are in public school full time. I always ask them how was their day and I make sure to really listen to them. I always hit on the fun aspects of school. I make sure to ask about music, p.e., computer class, lunch and their friends. I want them to enjoy going to school and I want them to know that I really do care about how their day was.

I would love to hear about how you make your childs daily living fun! Life is too short to be serious all the time. I find that my job as a parent is so much easier if I can make every day go by smoothly. A little fun definately doesn't hurt either!

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