Thursday, November 18, 2010

My tips for a fresh and festive holiday season

I am a member of twittermoms and they have teamed up with Snuggle fabric softener. They have asked that I share my top 14 tips for having a fresh and festive holiday season. I am a decorator by heart so I gladly accepted this writing challenge!

My top 14 tips for a fresh and festive holiday season are below:

1. Get creative with your thinking! I like to start thinking about the holidays as the stores start showing their holiday displays. I like to go window shopping to see what the new holiday color trends are. I usually don't buy anything on this venture out but I do take notes!

2. Brain Storm: After my window shopping trip, I go home and revisualize all that I saw while I was out. I write down the colors and scents that I remember the most. If they leave a lasting impression on me, then they will leave the same impression on my guest also.

3. Take inventory: Once my ideas of my holiday decorating wants are in place, then I take inventory of all of the goodies that I have from holidays past. I like to reuse what I have. At this time, I will also disgard some items that didn't store too well.

4. Something old, Something new! I like to mix my treasured holiday items with a few new items. This is a great way to add a little something to your collection. Your home will still look festive and not cost you a lot of money.

5. Go natural! I love to go for walks with my kids. On our walks we look for items that we can reuse at home. Our neighborhood has a great pine tree that is loaded with pine cones every year. We know the neighbor and they love for us to pick them up.

6. Pine branches may a lovely greenery. I enjoy the smell of pine and the branches off of a tree look nice and smell good at the same time. Plus they are FREE! You can't beat that!

7. I like to decorate from the inside out. I start decorating on the inside of our home. Once I have it just right then we will start on the outside. Visitors are pleased that our holiday spirit is carried out on the inside as well as the outside.

8. Christmas music is a must! I love the sounds of Christmas music. I have a few fun cds that we play regularly. I especially love to play Christmas tunes as we decorate our tree. This small effort puts the whole family in the mood for Santa!

9. The scent of Christmas: I love to use scented candles and plug-ins. My favorite holiday scents are candy cane and cinnamon. I have a scentsy plug in in the guest bathroom and I make sure to burn it all the time durig the holiday. You never know when you will have unexpected guest and I want my home smelling its best for them.

10. Holiday baking! Baking always gets me in the mood for the holidays. It's fun to try new recipes. I love to share them with my friends and family. Besides, I don't need all of those calories to myself!

11. Spruce up an old Christmas wreath! I like to add a few touch ups to our Christmas wreath every year. I try to replace a few bows or ornaments each year so that it matches the rest of our decorations. Your wreath says alot about your holiday spirit. It's the one thing that your visitors will see close up.

12. Holiday kitchen items: I like to use holiday hand mitts, pot holders, and towels during the Christmas season. I find that these little touches lift my mood and helps to keep me in the holiday spirit.

13. Holiday cards: I enjoy sending out holiday cards to my friends and family. The card that you sends is a gentle reminder of the love that you have for the recipient. Choose a card that shows your true personality.

14. Last but not least: Enjoy your friends and family during this time of year. Remember the reason for this wonderful season and keep your heart happy.

Now that I have shared my top tips for a fresh and festive holiday season, I would love for you to share your tips with me. How do you have a fresh and festive holiday season?

Disclosure: I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Snuggle blogging program, making me eligible to get a $50 gift card. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

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