Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Keeping My Family Happy

I am a memeber of SocialMoms and they have teamed up with Farm Rich Snacks for this fun blogging opportunity.

I am an at home mom of two school aged children. My children and I all thrive and stay happy when we are on a structured routine. Our routine always involves food! Why? Because when we let our bodies get low on fuel and energy our moods tend to go down hill fast. The right foods can help lift our mood and ease any tension.

We like to start our mornings off with a hug, small talk and of course breakfast. Like they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day so we do not skip it. My son likes to drink two percent milk with his bowl of flavored oatmeal and my daughter is a little bit pickier. I have to ask her what she would like for breakfast when I wake her up in the mornings. She really isn't a morning person so I do not want to get her "order" wrong! She bounces back and forth between flavored oatmeal and cold cereal but over time I have learned that I need to ask her what she wants or she won't eat what I prepare for her. She is a little high maintenance but as long as I understand how she works then we are both happy!

My children both take their lunches to school. Instead of sending them sandwiches, I pack them meals that are left over from the night before. I intentionally cook a double meal every night so that I can send extras to school for my children and my husband also takes a left over meal to work with him. I try to pack them a good protein, starch, veggie or two and a fruit. I always throw in a little something sweet for dessert. This helps to keep them happy and they don't get tired of the same boring lunch box food. Not only do left over meals keep boredom at bay but it helps on our budget also and this makes me happy!

I pick my children up after school at 3:30. We live within a few miles of our school and we are home and having snack around 4:00. I find that a good, healthy snack in the afternoons gives the children a break after school. By the time that their snack has been eaten, they are semi-ready for homework.

Now that baseball season has started, I am preparing heartier afternoon snacks for my children. Today they had a corn dog and a banana for snack. Yesterday it was chicken noodle soup. The reason for these heartier snacks is because we are going from home work to ball practice or church on most nights of the week. My children are happier and can focus better when their bellies are happy and not hungry.

Baseball practice is normally over for both kids by 7:45 pm. On a normal night the children's bed time is 8:45pm. Since they get in from practice so late they don't need a full meal before bed. One these nights I will prepare something hearty but quick like meatball subs or sandwiches. A small meal is enough to tide them over until morning and they are able to go to bed satisified and not empty.

I have walked you through a complete Monday to Friday day in the Allen household. Food does play a major role in the operation of our family. I get enjoyment out of seeing my children thrive and grow. I try to have plenty of fresh fruit, veggies, good proteins and healthy starches on hand. I like to keep my pantry and freezer stocked. You never know when you will need something quick to fix.

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Shannon's Tales of Motherhood said...

Good post! Your a good Mommy!Thanks for sharing your routine with us.Oh,my daughter isn't a morning person as well! lol