Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Favorite PEEPS Moments

I am a member of Social Moms and they have teamed up with PEEPS & COMPANY® to introduce a fun, new blogging contest that asks me to share my favorite PEEPS moments with you. You may read more about that request here.

My kids and I love PEEPS! We are not picky about our PEEPS either. We love the pink ones, the yellow ones, the green ones, the duck ones, the bunny ones. You name it, if it's PEEPS we love it!

I have very found memories of PEEPS that date way back to my youth. I love the marshmallow, sugary goodness that comes in every PEEP. I can remember the Easter Bunny always leaving us a package of PEEPS in our Easter basket. It was so exciting waking up on Easter morning to find the goodies but the PEEPS were the first item opened and eaten. I would eat so many PEEPS that I got my yearly fill of them in one sitting.

My first few PEEPS eaten would be eaten slowly and enjoyed. I love to lick the sugar coating off of each one before chewing it whole. After enjoying a few PEEPS this way, I would start eating them in two bites. I would take a bite, chew slowly and enjoy every moment and then eat the second part quickly. I think that I did this so that I could start on my next PEEP quicker. I am not sure why but this is just the way that I enjoyed my PEEPS.

Anohter one of my favorite PEEPS moments was the year that the Easter bunny left me a trail of PEEPS that led from my bedroom to the dining room table that held my Easter basket. I think that I may relive this memory for my children so that I can see their Easter morning happiness shine through like mine did when I was a child.

Easter is almost here and I am already seeing those fun and very familiar PEEPS candies in my local stores. I still help our Easter bunny by filling my children's Easter baskets with PEEPS and other fun goodies. When shopping for PEEPS, I take my time at the store and make sure to pick up the pefect box of PEEPS for each child. My 6 year old daughter loves the pink bunnies and my 11 year old son enjoys the green chicks the best. I think that this year I will pick up a package of orange chick PEEPS that are just for me.

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However you enjoy your Easter holiday, I hope that you can get your PEEP on too!

Disclosure: I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and PEEPS blogging contest, for a chance to get a gift card worth $50. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

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