Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Making Life Easier And More Efficient While On The Go

I am a member of SocialMoms and they have teamed up with Seattle’s Best Coffee for this fun blogging opportunity.

As most of you may know, I am an at home mom of 2 school aged children. We try to make our life fun and full at the same time. During the school year we are busy with school, homework and sports. Now that it is summer I do my best to keep the kids busy during the week so that no one is bored. Bored kids get in trouble at my house so we tend to stay busy. My son is "enjoying" summer work outs through the school this year. He works out from 8 am til 9:30 am Monday thru Thursday. Then on Monday afternoons we go to the pool. Tuesday afternoons we go to the library for their Summer Reading Program. That is from 1 pm until 3 pm. Thursdays we are back to the Library from 1 pm until 3:30 pm for another day of fun Summer Reading and a movie. Wednesdays are church nights and Fridays we either run errands or just chill out at home. You may say, gee woman, slow down! My response to that is, I can't. I like to stay busy and on the go. I have found that if you follow a few little steps that your life can be easier and more efficient while on the go. I would like to share my tips with you on that.

My 10 tips for making your life easier and more efficient while on the go are:

1. Have a cental location for your keys, drivers license, credit card etc. I find that if I return these items back to one cental spot, then they will be there the next time that I need them in a hurry. There is not much worse than needing to go somewhere NOW and you can't find your keys or drivers license.

2. Organizing helps you to be more efficient on the go. I like to hang our clean clothes up by matching outfits. This makes it easy to get me and the kids dressed when we are in a hurry. I don't have to think about what top to go with which bottoms. I have already done that step when I hung up the laundry.

3. Shoes, Shoes, Shoes. Shoes are so important when you are on the go. We know that everyone needs to wears shoes but it is so much easier to grab a matching pair if you keep them put up, in pairs, by entry way door. This step is easier said that done when you have kids, but if you start with a good routine and get them used to putting their shoes up and away in pairs then this little way of thinking will become a habit. It's so nice to be able to just slip your shoes on when you are running out the door. You don't have to stop and look for a matching pair. This saves a lot of time and my sanity.

4. Make a plan. First I like to make a mental plan of errands that I need to accomplish while I am out and about. I make sure to write these items down as I think of them so that I don't forget an errand along the way. This list will include items such as get gas, pick up a prescription, go to the dentist, etc.

5. Shopping list are a must. I like to make a shopping list and I keep it on the fridge. I will add to it as I think of items that we need. I make sure to take this list with me when we are in town. This list will be detailed and in addition to my make a plan list.

6. Plan a driving route. Gas is so expensive these days. I like to do the majority of my errands on one day of the week. I will take the list of stores that I need to visit and plan out the most efficient way to get there and back.

7. Feed your brain. I find that I can think better when I am not thinking about food and being hungry. I make sure that the kids and I have something for breakfast before we even leave the house. This may mean the kids are grabbing a Sunny D and a Go-Gurt out the fridge but they are fed and this will keep them and me in a better mood. I like to make sure that our fridge is stocked with easy to get drinks and snacks so that the kids can help themself if needed.

8. Make time for lunch. Food is very important to me. I am a diabetic and I need food for energy and to keep my blood sugar levels even. The kids and I make sure to stop for lunch while we are on the go. This will keep us all even tempered and motivated to keep going until we are finished with our errands.

9. Have fun while you are out. This may include letting the kids pick where we eat lunch or letting them choose their favorite cereal and snacks at the store. I find that if I let my kids help me while we are on the go, they tend to enjoy the day better.

10. I try not to schedule every single minute of our day. I try to leave openings for rest and for down times. This is important for all of us. We enjoy the day better if we know that rest and play will be our rewards for a long day on the go.

While I like to stay on the go, I also try to remember to slow down and enjoy the good things in life. I enjoy my morning cup of coffee and I really miss it when I don't have time to sit down and enjoy a few cups. This is why I am excited to learn about Seattle’s Best Coffee® and their introducing the Official Latte of Pretty Much Everything. The convenient grab-and-go cans sound like a perfect solution to my busy, on the go, mornings. With three tasty options, Seattle’s Best Coffee® Iced Lattes will definately be in my busy future!

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