Sunday, November 13, 2011

Seventh Generation: Nature Makes Perfect Scents

I am a member of SocialMoms and they have teamed up with Seventh Generation for this fun and informative blogging opportunity. They have asked me to share a sweepstakes that is sponsored by Seventh Generation with you. I have also been asked to share Seventh Generation's new product line with you too. I am a contest entering, scent loving type of girl so I have decided to take them up on this opportunity. You may read more about their request here.

Did you know that Seventh Generation has created a line of dish liquids that features natural scents from real lemons, clementines and lavender. Seventh Generation’s Natural Dish Liquid scents come from the fields not from factories. These scents also honor the careful hands that help cultivate them. I love this concept for dish washing liquids because scents are powerful. Sometimes scents can take you back to a place of happiness in your past. Scents may remind you of a loved one who is not near or even brings back a feeling of love, comfort and joy. Scents are good and I use them in my every day life at home and sometimes without even relizing it. Scents become a part of me.

When I think of lemons, I can smell and taste my Aunt Lori's lemon chess pie. I can smell sharp and crisp citrus scent even now as I think about it. I am glad that Thanksgiving is almost here. I hope my Aunt Lori brings her lemon chess pie to our family dinner. Whenever I think of clementines, I think of my children. They love to have clementines in their lunch boxes for school and even as a snack at home. We love that clementines are easy to open and smell fresh and are invigorating to the senses. The tangy fruit is sweet, juicy and satisfies a sweet tooth in a light way. Clementines make me smile because I know that they are good for you and fun to eat. Plus Clementines make my children smile when they see them in their lunch box. When my children smile, I smile.

Seventh Generation is sponsoring a "Nature Makes Perfect Scents" sweepstakes. In this sweepstakes, you may enter to win a trip for 2 to one of the regions where lemons, clementines and lavender grow. These trip destinations may even include France and Italy or even Vermont which is Seventh Generation’s home state and the inspiration for its Free & Clear line. The winner gets to choose the region for their trip. This is very exciting and you can only win if you enter the sweepstakes. Please visit the Seventh Generation website to find out more about their new product line and to enter the sweepstakes for yourself.

Seventh Generation knows that nature makes perfect scents. I look forward to entering their sweepstakes and to trying their new product line. Will you enter the sweepstakes too? You have to be in it to win it. Good luck!

Disclosure: I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Seventh Generation blogging program, for a gift card worth $50. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

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