Thursday, May 24, 2012

Introducing Style United

Being a member of SheSpeaks definitely has perks!  One of those perks is being able to try new websites like StyleUnited while they are still in beta format.  StyleUnited  is a new website that is powered by P&G.  There you will find expert beauty and fashion tips, news, and personalized recommendations tailored just for you.  

In order to use StyleUnited you must first create a free account.   Once you have created your free account you are ready to get started!  On the home page you may start your style profile.  Once your profile is in process you may  choose from 3 options to create your look.  They have the Style 360, 1:1, and Inner Circle to choose from to help you complete your appearance.

When you build your profile at Style 360,  you will get personalized, head to toe, style recommendations that are right for you.  StyleUnited knows that all hair, skin and body shapes are not the same.  In Style 360, you will answer questions that will allow you to find the best makeup, skin care products, hair treatments and even fashions so that you will look and feel your best!  

With the Style 360 I choose to find out more about my specific hair care needs.  I was asked 11 questions about my hair type and how I currently care for my hair.  The questions were fun and easy to answer and I loved that I was given beauty tips specific to my answers and needs along the way.  Not only did I find out how to care for my hair better but I learned some trivia along the way.  Did you know that before people used hairdryers, they used vacuums to dry their hair?   I also learned that you can blot your wet hair with an old T-Shirt to sooth cuticles and add shine.  How cool is that!  I am excited to continue on with StyleUnited and see what else I can learn from them.

My overall opinion is that StyleUnited is fun, useful and easy to navigate once you get the sign up completed.  I can appreciate that the 1:1 program will allow you to meet with a live beauty expert for a one on one beauty consultation.  I also think that The Inner Circle will be fun as it will allow you to invite your personal friends to join StyleUnited too. 

If you decide to join StyleUnited  be sure to enter the StyleUnited: New View, New You Giveaway by June the 8th on the SheSpeaks website.  Through this giveaway, two lucky winners will be chosen at random to take home a $500 gift card for a shopping spree at Macy’s or Nordstrom courtesy of StyleUnited.
Please let me know if you are going to sign up for Style United.  Right now I am off to buy a natural bristle brush to help increase the shine of my hair!    

Disclosure:  I will be receiving a beauty gift from P&G through SheSpeaks for sharing this post with my readers.  The opinions are my own.

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I like shopping sprees thanks for sharing.