Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Personal Thank You To Those Who Entered The "Beneath The Daisies" Giveaway

Thank you to everyone who entered the "Beneath The Daisies" Giveaway on my blog. This was a huge success and Cristi M. was our winner!

"Beneath The Daisies" was written by Jayne Marie Barker and she wanted to personally thank each and every one of you for taking the time out to learn about her book and to enter this giveaway.

Hello to you all, and many thanks for entering the giveaway for 'Beneath The Daisies'. I hope the winner enjoys reading the book. If you have any queries or questions please feel free to email me at contact@jaynemariebarker.com or visit my website www.jaynemariebarker.com for the latest news. I'd like to share some excellent news with you; my second novel, 'Distant Shadows' will be released July/August this year. As soon as I have the release date I'll post it on my website, facebook, twitter, Goodreads, LinkedIn and on my blog post. 

Kind regards and best wishes to you all, 
Jayne-Marie Barker Author



Cristi said...

I am so excited I won this book. I read it in like two days, I really enjoyed it. :)

c allen said...

I am glad that you enjoyed the book Cristi! Thank you for entering and congrats again :)