Friday, August 24, 2012

Handmade Scented Candles, Candle Tins & Rattan Reed Diffusers

I love making our house a home and part of doing this is adding pleasing scents to our air.  I am often looking for new handmade scented candles and I have found them at best kept secrets.  Best kept secrets offers seriously scented candles and candle tins that will provide your home with superb fragrances.  The best part is that they are hand made in the UK! 

Best kept secrets offers long burning scented candle tins that burn for an average of 50 hours.  Each candle tin is 3" tall and 3" in diameter and they are made with the highest quality wax and finest of fragrance.  Whether you prefer fruity, spicy, or  floral scents, best kept secrets has the flavor for you.

My favorite candle tin from best kept secrets is their Strawberry & Pineapple Punch.  I love how they combine home grown strawberries with exotic Brazilian pineapple to create a juicy punch fragrance.  Not only do I love the scent combinations but I love the bright pink color of the wax also.

 If you are more of a reed diffuser user then best kept secrets may be for you also.  Their Rattan Reed Diffusers come in a 100 ml bottle and they are available in these eight fragrances: classic cotton, citrus sorbet, daisy bouquet, fresh lavender, hot cinnamon, lemongrass, tuscan sweet and gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  I love that the Reed diffusers can last up to six months.  To me, that means that my money is well spent because I only have to replace my diffusers twice a year.

Whether you are looking for Christmas Candles, Glass Candles, Rattan Reed Diffusers, or Special Occasion Candles, best kept secrets may be for you.  One of their wide array of fragrances will surely appeal to you.  You have choice of  fifty or more  fragrances and they are all skilfully blended to delight your senses.       

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Sarah said...

This is a great post! I love finding new handmade candle products. It's always so nice to come home, light some candles and relax after a long day!

I recently found this company called Blu Rose Candles that also make great handmade candles. You should check them out! I LOVE the Strawberry Rhubarb; it's amazing.

I follow them on twitter and facebook also; super engaging and if I ever have a question they answer it right away.