Saturday, August 25, 2012

Purell: Keeping Kids Happy and Healthy

I am a member of socialmoms and they have teamed up with GOJO Industries Inc, the makers of PURELL Hand Sanitizer for this Back To School blogging opportunity.

One of my main jobs as a mom is to keep my children happy and healthy.  One of the ways that I do this is by teaching them to wash their hands with soap and water every time they use the restroom and before and after they eat.  When soap and water aren't available, I have taught them to reach for Purell Hand Sanitizer.  PURELL Advanced hand sanitizer is the original and best-selling national brand of instant hand sanitizer.  It is used and preferred by more leading healthcare professions and I trust that it will work to help keep my children free from unwanted germs.  I like that Purell is easy to use and it comes in convenient carrying sizes.

Another way that I try to keep my children happy and healthy is to teach them good habits that will last them a life time.  We make sure to have our daily multi vitamins along with a balanced breakfast.  At lunch and dinner we enjoy two veggies, a lean protein, a small starch, and a fruit along with milk to drink.  If we happen to catch a cold or allergies, we treat the symptoms early on and always use a tissue to wipe our nose.  This is also a great time to carry Purell in your purse, car and kids back pack.  You never know when you might need to cleanse your hands in a hurry.  I like to stop the spread of germs before it happens, both at home and away.   

Our family thrives on a daily routine.  I feel that if my children know what to expect from them day, then they will respond to it much more positively.  Our routine is based on a normal bed time, wake up time and set meal times as well as homework time and down time.  I know that I need a down time and I feel that it is good for the whole family as well.  I also find that my kids are happier when they are healthy and feel good.  A good nights rest helps to ensure that my children are recharged for what the next day may bring.  Daily exercise is a great way to spend a few calories, build muscles and to break the boredom of a long day. 

One more tip that I have is to send Purell back to school with your kids.  It is great to have in their desk, locker or back pack and the teacher's would enjoy a bottle too!  How do you keep your kids happy and healthy?  I would love any tips that you may have. 

Disclosure:  I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and PURELL® Hand Sanitizer blogging program, to earn My SocialMoms Rewards Points. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. To read more posts on this topic, click here

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