Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Fall Favorites With Arby's Grand Turkey Club

Fall is upon us and I am so ready for it!  I love the cooler temperatures and the changing colors of the leaves on the trees.  To me, fall is a great time for going outside and teaching the kids about Mother Nature too.  The kids get to run, play and exercise while having fun and we are spending good quality family time together as well.

Yesterday we went to the park to see how many outdoor changes we could find.  We made sure to take a tote bag along with us so that we could take our finds home with us.  We will be using the items from our nature hunt to make a table decoration and wreath for our front door.  We found many different colored leaves and types of nuts on the ground.  We also collected several sticks in different shapes and sizes along with a few pinecones to add to our collection.  Not only did we learn about nature but we will re-purposing the items as well!   

After our day of fun, we were hungry for dinner and I sure didn't want to cook so we took the family to Arby's.  I had been wanting to try their NEW Grand Turkey Club sandwich and I was not disappointed.  This is a large freshly sliced roasted turkey sandwich that is topped with melted Swiss cheese,  bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo.  The best part is that it is served hot and on a toasted harvest wheat bun!  Arby's New Grand Turkey Club really has craveability!  I love the freshness of the sliced roasted turkey and the bacon and swiss cheese tops it off wonderfully.  Arby's Grand Turkey Club sandwich is definitely on my favorites list and I will be ordering it again soon. 

Football is another one of my fall favorites.  My son plays football for the 7th grade school team and my daughter is cheering for our 3rd and 4th grade football team this year too.  This Saturday our game will be out of town and the town happens to have an Arby's.  I may be trying another one of Arby's Turkey Roasters.  They have a Turkey Classic, Turkey 'n Chedder Classic and of course, The Grand Turkey Club.  Either way, I can't go wrong.  Plus I won't have to cook or clean up!

You may find out more about Arby's on their webpage, twitter and facebook.

Disclosure:   This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Arby’s blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.  

I have received a $20 gift card from Arby's so that I would try the Turkey Grand Club sandwich.   

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MammaNatty said...

The new grand turkey club sounds delicious, I use to love Arbys when I lived in the Midwest, miss it here! Your nature walk sounds fun too :)