Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sueno Luxury Bed And Mattresses In The UK

Have you been looking for new bedroom furniture?  If so, then Sueno  may be for you.  They sell luxury beds and mattresses that will fit any decor or lifestyle. 

Sueno offers a price guarantee and free UK delivery on all orders.  I like shopping at Sueno because it is easy to find what you want quickly.  You can choose whether you want to shop for mattresses, beds, divans, beds, or other bedroom furniture on their home page.  Once you decide which category you wish to look at first, then you may narrow down your selection by style.

I am looking for a new bed and mattress for my son's room so I chose to look at the beds on sale.  I found a lovely double bed in the Bali Leather Ottoman Bed.  I like that this bed is reduced from £469.00 down to £369.00 and it includes the headboard.  It has dark chocolate bi-cast leather and it is made in the UK.  My favorite feature of this frame is that is has four times the storage of divan alternatives.  The unique, gas powered lift mechanism of this bed allows the area underneath the mattress base to be accessed for storage.  This extra storage space will definitely come in handy as my son grows older.  This storage could be used for his out of season clothes so that his closet is freed up for other needed items.
Bali Leather Ottoman Bed

While shopping on Sueno, I found a Posture Space Mattress to go with the bed of my choice.  This mattress is made by Sleepmode in the UK.  I like this firm polyester and cotton filled mattress because it is affordable and and it sounds durable.  The side handle bars will allow this mattress to be turned and rotated easily so that we get many years of good sleep on it.
Posture Space Mattress

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Linda said...

You have beautiful taste Crystal, I love the Bali Leather Ottoman bed you have showcased here.
Thanks for the informative post.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Linda :) I love the added storage that this piece offers.

sheila olson said...

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