Friday, October 19, 2012

Photo Keepsakes Make Great Gifts

The holidays are upon us and it is time for me to start thinking of gifts for loved ones.  I like to give gifts that are both personal and useful.  This is why I like to give photo gifts.  Photo gifts can be fun to create and they allow you to add your own personal touch to the item.

I find that photo books make a great gift for loved ones who live far away from me.  I like to create new photo books each year that include pictures of my family celebrating each different season and the milestones that we cross.  Photo books also allow my family to share the changes and growths that we have had through the year with those who may not live near us. 
Special valid through 21/10/12 at Jessops Photo.

Right now you can create your own photo book at Jessops Photo and save 1/3 off.  This promotional offer is valid until 21/10/2012.  You simply use the code BOOKTHIRD at the checkout.  Their prices start from £6 and they are available in 9 sizes that range from small to XXL.  Jessops Photo even gives you a choice of 6 cover styles for your photo book.  You may also choose from glossy paper, matt photo paper or glossy photo paper for your book.  These options will surely help you to create a memory album that is unique to your personality.

I like to create photo calendars for my family as well.  I find that personal calendars are a fun way to include family members who live far away in our daily lives.  With a photo calendar you can choose 12 different pictures for your gift.  With each turn of the new month, you will get a gentle reminder of someone who is close to you.  It is like a monthly smile and hello that makes the loved one seem that much closer.
Special valid through 21/12/12 at Jessops Photo.

Jessops Photo also has a sale on calendars now.  You may save 50% off all calenders by using the code CALENDAR50 at checkout.  This promotion offer is valid through 21/10/12.  I like that you may choose your start month on your photo calendar at Jessops Photo.  Each calendar has a special glossy finish to it.  Either way you go,  you can't go wrong with a photo gift.  It is a gift that gives all year long and brightens hearts along the way.

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