Thursday, November 29, 2012

Choosing Gluten Free Products Can Be Fun

Gluten free products are becoming more popular day by day.  As a consumer I am happy to see the wide variety of items that are available on the shelves today.  One of my favorite brands is Udi's Gluten Free.  They have many items to choose from such as breads, bagels, buns, pizza, cookies, brownie bites, cinnamon rolls, muffin, muffin tops, frozen pizza and even granola.  While this is a long and exciting list, they are still adding more new products to their line.  Be sure and look for the classic french and seeded whole grain dinner rolls as well as french baguettes.  These should be in the stores near you soon.

I love that not only are Udi's Gluten Free foods 100% gluten free but they are delicious too.  Udi's bakery is a 100% dedicated certified gluten free bakery.  This ensures that their products are 100% free of gluten.  There is no chance of cross contamination with other products.  Their products are also free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.  When I feed my family Udi's products, I know what they are eating and I feel good about that.  Udi's has such a wide variety of breads and snacks to choose from that we don't miss the gluten.  My family never has to eat the same foods over and over.  I make sure to change it up each week so that they don't tire of eating gluten free.

One of our favorite Udi's Gluten Free products is their cookies.  They come in chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and snickerdoodle.  The snickerdoodle are my favorite.  They are soft and chewy, plus they remind me of the snickerdoodles that my grandmother use to make.   

You may find Udi's Gluten Free foods online or at a grocery store near you.  Whole Foods, Kroger, Safeway and Publix are known to carry Udi's nationally.  If you would like to see Udi's Gluten Free products in your local store, be sure and put in a product request at the customer service desk.  Many stores will stock products if they are requested. 

Disclosure:  I have received free product coupons for posting an honest review for Udi's Gluten Free.  All opinions are my own.   

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