Friday, December 14, 2012

Capture the Moment

My children are growing so fast and each year I find myself asking "Where did the time go?"  It seems that just yesterday my daughter was a baby and that my son was in Pre-K.  I am also gently reminded that I don't want another day to pass with out enjoying the moment.

This is why I have started taking more pictures of my kids.  I have always tried to document the milestones and important events as they come up but now I am trying to take more pictures just because.  Just because I don't want to ask myself where did the time go again.

A great way to share these special moments with loved ones is through a gift during the holidays.  I would love to get my son a poster of the picture we took on the day that he received his student of the month award this last May, I found this UK site now I’m looking for a US site that offers the same service.  I know that he would enjoy that gift and it would be something that he could keep as a reminder of his accomplishment.  

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