Friday, May 24, 2013

News-O-Matic App Introduction and a Giveaway CLOSED

I have 2 school aged children who both attend public schools.  My oldest son is 13 and part of his reading assignment at school is to read a current article from the newspaper daily.  He is more up to date on the happenings in the world than I am and it amazes me that he is actually interested in what is going on outside of our little town.

My younger child is 8 and she is in 3rd grade.  I have been wanting to help her learn that our world is a big place and that many things happen outside of our town.  In fact, a lot of life changing events happen often and these are things that will go down in the history books.  It would be nice if both of my children were aware of "what happened" during their lifetime so that memories can be made and stories told later to their kids as well.

To help keep us up to date on world happenings during the summer I would like to use News-O-Matic app.  This app is a week day educational newspaper app that covers the most current breaking news, sports, science and much more in an accessible and kid-friendly way.  I like that News-O-Matic app is targeted to kids ages 7-10 and it includes five daily news stories, images, videos, illustrations, maps, timelines and even games.  My goal is that both of my children can use and interact with the News-O-Matic app so that they can stay up to date on current events this summer.  This will help them with their summer reading and it will also keep them informed of what is going on in the world around us.

Giveaway Time:  One of my readers will receive a News-O-Matic goodie bag that features a $10 iTunes gift card, backpack, hats, water bottles and an iPad screen cleaner.  Please enter this giveaway through the rafflecopter form below.


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" Please see below for some tips from Dr. Phyllis Ohr, Child Psychologist for Press4Kids, on how parents can address news issues with children and what children can do to feel better:

1.      When the event does not personally affect the child, reassure them that everything is okay with the people they love and that nothing has changed for them.

2.     Be sure to stress to children that if they do have questions to ask parents, teachers as well as friends. Other children having the same feelings may be comforting.

3.    Begin by giving the child a brief synopsis of what happened by using age appropriate language. Ask if there is something they want to know more about or if they need something explained further. If so, stick to pointedly answering their question or clarifying. Do not add on or digress.

4.    Do not assume the news will make children feel a certain way. Ask if they know how they feel, but stress that kids feel all different ways when they hear important news and sometimes do not know how they feel or do not feel anything which is okay. However, if children are affected by it, it is their own feeling. Reassure children that no matter what they are feeling, their feelings are okay.

5.    If they are upset but don't want to talk, suggest a fun activity for distraction or help them use calming skills like playing, drawing a picture or writing a story. These activities help release any upset feelings and make children feel better. "

Disclosure:  I have received an unique opportunity to try the News-O-Matic App through Child's Play Communications.  All opinions are my own.


nicolesender said...

I follow the news on a daily basis!

peg42 said...

I watch the news everyday. Thanks so much.

Ann Fantom said...

Yes, I keep very up to date on current events.

abfantom at yahoo dot com

Stephanie Larison said...

Yes I like to stay up to date.

TeachTechie said...

Yes, I do. I love my politics and local news.

gb994 said...

I definitely want to check out News-O-Matic! I’m so careful about censoring my kids. It’s great that there is a news source tailored just for them!

Sandra Travis said...

Cool prize pack.

Daniel M said...

usually read the headlines on a few news sites - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

tim said...

I do keep with the news. I think it is a very important thing to do especially in today's world.

yellowlabs said...

I try to keep up the best I can with the daily news.

imaclutz89 said...

I try to keep up with them. My go-to is Yahoo news to stay up to date daily!


Candie L said...

I keep up with my local news. Thank you