Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Spring Time Gardening!

Spring is here and it's time for outdoor projects to be started. I am a member of CrowdTap and they have encouraged their members to write a fun Spring DIY tutorial and I have chosen gardening as my DIY project.

My family and I enjoy gardening and each year we try something different. This year we started growing our plant seeds in 2 liter bottles that we used to create terrariums.

One sunny Sunday afternoon we cut each of the 2 liter bottles in half and then filled them with potting soil. The children got to choose which seeds they wanted to plant and then they poked holes in the dirt, placed in the seeds, covered them up and watered them before replacing the top of the 2 liter back on. We were careful to remember which seeds we placed in each container and we used a marker to write the plant names on the side of the 2 liter bottles.

We anxiously waited about a week before the seeds turned in to seedlings and then into plants. Once the chance of frost had passed we transplanted our plants in to our raised garden bed. Now we check them daily to see if any new vegetables have grown. My family and I enjoy our little garden. It is a way for us to connect through the whole growing process. Plus we get to enjoy the produce of our labor!

Disclosure: I am a member of CrowdTap and I was asked to write a DIY tutorial post. I have chosen this topic and all opinions are my own. I may receive 200 points which is equivalent to 2 raffle tickets for sharing a DIY post with you.